Submit your paper

AGEW invites the submission of research papers from both junior and senior researchers on any topic related to gender economics. Both applied and theoretical papers that meet high standards of methodological rigour are invited. Papers should apply an economic framework and gender should be a core element of the analysis. Papers should also demonstrate real-world relevance and applicability to addressing issues of social or economic concern.

Full papers or extended abstracts (min. 1500 words) can be submitted to the AGEW 2023 Scientific Committee.

Submission deadline: October 30th, 2022 (Midnight AWST)

Collaborating at Work

Presenters of any gender are welcome to the workshop.


Gender economics does not necessarily entail an exclusive focus on women or exclusively on binary classifications of gender. 


We invite papers on the following gender topics and beyond:


  • Behavioural and experimental economics

  • Gender norms

  • Labour and workplace organisation

  • Labour market participation

  • Education and human capital

  • Health economics and gender

  • Conflict and domestic violence

  • Household and interpersonal dynamics

  • Macroeconomics and economic growth

  • Development economics

  • Poverty, inequality and disadvantage

  • Housing, superannuation and retirement

  • Tax and transfer policies

  • Parental leave and childcare policies

  • Evaluation of policy interventions